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Prijava na nove informacije A.L.P. Peca

About us


A.L.P. Peca was founded in November 1994, while regular operations began in May 1995. In the region and beyond it has been recognized as an element of sustainable development and innovative progress. It carries out advice and information activities, especially for entrepreneurs, by means of statistical analysis, good knowledge of the situation in the region and professional staff. Since 2005, the company is a host structure of the Europe Direct (EDIC). We organized over 70 different events for specific target groups in the context of the priorities of the EU until 2014. In the last two years, in collaboration with the Office of the European Parliament in Slovenia, we prepared a civic forum, where we hosted Slovenian members of the EU Parliament. Since 2006 the company has successfully managed LAG Mežiška valley and this is a key contributor to the development of rural areas in Carinthia. In 2007, we organized an event at the national level, where the European funds were presented.


The company is structured as a non-profit company but it offers comprehensive services for citizens, entrepreneurs, companies, institutions and local communities. Part of activities is oriented into actions that recognize and stimulate development potentials of the Koroška region. We offer suggestions and recommendations on the fields of business, project management and EU funds.

Fields of activities:


  • Development of local communities
  • Administrator and financial body of the LAG Mežiška Valley
  • Host structure of the Europe Direct Koroška Information Center
  • Informational and advising body for Citizens
  • Human resources development
  • Service activities




A.L.P PECA d.o.o.

 directress: Viktorija Barbič

 address: Prežihova ulica 17, 2390 Ravne na Koroškem

 tel: +386 (0)2 82 17 860

fax: +386 (0)2 82 17 861

webpage: http://www.alppeca.si/

e-mail: info@alppeca.si 


registration code: 5888719

tax code: SI31970346

IBAN: SI56 1010 0004 6092 455, Banka Koper d.d.




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